Final event of the IMPROVEMENT project

The Final Event of the IMPROVEMENT project, organised by the Andalusian Energy Agency in collaboration with CNH2, was held last 7th March 2023 in Seville.

The event consisted of three sessions: I) IMPROVEMENT project main results; II) Integration of the IMPROVEMENT solutions in buildings and III) Workshops on strategies to transform buildings to net zero buildings, as well as Opening and Institutional welcome, and conclusions and remarks.

Specifically, Joaquin Villar (Andalusian Energy Agency) and Francisco Javier Ramirez Garcia (Director of AEE) opened the meeting and welcomed participants, introducing the Energy Sector of Andalusia Region and two projects: IMPROVEMENTS from Interreg SUDOE and SOLE from ENI CBC MED Programme. Francesca Pratesi (external support for ANCI Toscana) presented an overview of SOLE project.

Jesus Martin of CNH2 opened Session I by presenting the IMPROVEMENT project (, together with Joaquin Villar (AAE) who presented the Implementation Plan and the Good Practice Guide, as well as the SOLE ACT Green Campaign video.
Session II focused on the 2 pilot plants developed in the framework of the IMPROVEMENT project, one in Spain and one in Portugal. In this sense, Ana Estanqueiro (LNEG) presented the Lisbon pilot plant, together with Stephane Grieu to show the Energy Management Systems and Monitoring of this plant. Then, Javier Tobajas (CNH2) presented the Puertollano pilot plant in Spain, followed by Antonio Moreno (UCO) who presente innovative solutions power management systems.

In addition, the ARCAS Interreg SUDOE project presented the tool developed for the evaluation and support to the design of the rehabilitation of collective housing buildings with criteria of energy poverty, energy efficiency and health to improve the well-being of the citizens of the SUDOE territory.

Finally, during Session III, workshops on strategies to transform buildings to net zero buildings took place and were moderated by Joaquin Villar (AAE) and Jesus Martin (CNH2).
Different public representatives from the IMPROVEMENT and SOLE projects were invited to participate in the first workshop which focused on “National and regional strategies for improving energy efficiency in different countries”. In addition, representatives from Universities, Companies and Research Centres of the SUDOE and ENI areas were invited to take part in the second workshop on “Microgrids and the Energy Management Systems in Buildings” where the panelists discussed how to make buildings more energy-efficient and sustainable and explored and shared their insights on the challenges and opportunities associated with microgrids, energy management systems, and their integration in public buildings.

The third and final workshop dedicated to “The role of hydrogen in the energy mix of a building and other forms of energy storage” was held with representatives from Universities, Companies and Research Centres of the SUDOE and ENI areas.

Conclusions and final remarks were offered by the representatives from AAE and CNH2.

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