Portuguese awareness campaign of the IMPROVEMENT project on “Integration of renewable systems in Public Buildings”

Lisbon hosted the second of the three dissemination events that make up the IMPROVEMENT communication plan, which took place on October 26. Aimed at the “Integration of renewable systems in Public Buildings”, the event was organized by the National Energy and Geology Laboratory (LNEG) and had the support of the Andalusian Energy Agency (AAE).

During the event, the IMPROVEMENT project was presented and, specifically, the important role of the Lisbon pilot plant was highlighted within the project, as well as its contribution as a space for the development and integration of heat generation systems. and renewable cold in a microgrid for the conversion of an existing public building into one with zero energy balance.

The conferences, which were attended by a large number of people, highlighted the role of renewable energies and their integration in public buildings as a tool for achieving greater energy efficiency and conversion into zero energy buildings (nZEB).

Finally, it should be noted that this event coincided with the last technical conferences of the IMPROVEMENT partners, also held in Lisbon on October 26 and 27. A meeting held with the objectives of sharing the learning between the pilot plants of Lisbon and Puertollano, and evaluating the status of the final deliverables that show the results of the project to facilitate their transformation into energy efficient buildings for other public buildings with a critical load.

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