The University of Cordoba present the Improvement Project at the ICREN CONFERENCE

On November 25, 2020, the University of Córdoba participated in the International Conference on Renewable Energies, ICREN 2020, in which it presented the results of the Improvement Project in a plenary conference entitled: IoT-based submetering for DSM- DR applications in Energy Smart Appliances. The conference had 500 participants from all over the world. It is an annual meeting that is planned to be held in different countries, initially within Europe, highlighting Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America as target regions of the conference.

Variability in the generation is increasingly present due to the large-scale integration of RES. The current state of technologies that allow for more active customer behavior can also provide flexibility to the system. The success of demand flexibility requires a deep understanding and prediction of customers' energy use patterns, determining the most effective ways to change their consumption habits. Demand aggregation will involve the control of thousands of Smart Energy Appliances daily. IoT and Machine Learning will be essential for the management, orchestration, and optimization of a large and diverse pool of consumers.

In this context is necessary to emphasize the importance of more granular energy measurement or submetering. Submetering will be important to allocate the activated flexibility (energy volume) to (the BRP of) the right Aggregator. But not only power consumption submetering is relevant. The importance of reliable, high-power quality (PQ) continues to grow as the ongoing digitalization expand. Demand response has recently been used to increase grid hosting capacity. An IoT PQ sensor to be embedded in Smart Energy Appliances is presented. This will be the cornerstone for the deployment of the PQ data analytics over FIWARE, a standard-based open-source IoT platform, in the environment of a Grid-Interactive Efficient Building.

Works have been developed under the Improvement Project Integration of Combined Cooling, Heating and Power Microgrids in Zero-Energy Public Buildings under High Power Quality and Continuity of Service Requirements, Funded by the Interreg SUDOE programme of the European Union Grant Number SOE3/P3/E901.

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