Presentation IMPROVEMENT project results at the 21st edition IFAC World Congress 2020

The IFAC (International Federation of Automatic Control) World Congress, with several thousand attendees from all over the world, is the biggest and most important meeting in the broad field of systems, control, and automation. Following the 60 years tradition in IFAC, every three years, starting from 1960 in Moscow, the international automatic control community meets to exchange and discuss the most recent research findings in this sector.

This year the IFAC World Congress was held in Berlin following the motto “Automatic Control – Meeting Societal Challenges”.

Interreg SUDOE IMPROVEMENT project aims to convert existing public buildings into ZEB (Zero energy buildings) by integrating combined cooling, heating and power microgrids with neutral clamped inverters using hybrid energy storage systems which will guarantee power quality and continuity of service of environments with critical loads while increasing the energy efficiency in this kind of buildings.

With a joint development carried out by the different members of the Interreg SUDOE IMPROVEMENT project, it will be presented at the 21st IFAC Conference, the work entitled “Power Quality Management of Interconnected Microgrids Using Model Predictive Control”, by Félix García Torres (H2 National Center) where an innovative technique to enhance the power quality of microgrids oriented to be integrated in buildings with critical loads.

Due to the pandemic COVID-19, this edition has been transformed into the 1st Virtual IFAC World Congress.

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