Partner: UCLM

Authors: F.J. López-Alcolea, E.J. Molina Martínez, J. Vázquez, A. Parreño Torres, P. Roncero-Sánchez, A. Moreno-Muñoz, J. Garrido Zafra, F. García-Torres.

Presentation at SAEI22

Publication here.

This article proposes a method to estimate the harmonic content of the current demanded by the loads present in a microgrid (MG) by using the current injected by an active power filter (APF). The main objective is to complement the advantages of adding IoT sensors in a MG by accelerating the estimation of the amplitudes of the harmonics generated by the loads. For this, a fast method for the online calculation of the APF reference current has been developed, as well as a procedure to control its spectral content. To demonstrate the validity of the proposed approach, simulation results obtained with a model developed in Matlab/Simulink are shown. As a result, the estimation of the harmonic content is achieved in less than one cycle and its use as an early detection system is demonstrated.

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