The Technical and Steering Committees of the IMPROVEMENT project meet to assess the progress achieved

Next 8th April, the Technical Committee and the Steering Committee of the Interreg Sudoe IMPROVEMENT project will meet to update information on the latest progress achieved in the pilot plants of CNH2 (Spain) and LNEG (Portugal). Also, the meeting between both sections of the project will serve to mark the next decisions regarding the progress of the project.

The technical area and the management in charge of the Interreg Sudoe IMPROVEMENT project meet periodically to analyse the evolution of the different techniques implemented and their correlation with the objectives set during the initial stage. In addition, these key points are shared in order to consider the next lines of action and thus continue the evolution of the actions in a positive line.

During the meeting, some of the novelties that had already been announced on 24 March at the 6th General Assembly of the project will be expanded upon. These already indicated the important advances obtained in the thermal systems of the pilot plant of the National Hydrogen Centre in Puertollano (Spain). The structure for storing energy for heating, cooling and geothermal heat recovery is practically completed, with the integration of all the equipment that forms part of the microgrid still to be completed. It should be remembered that this plant aims to integrate combined microgrids for cooling, heating and energy management.

In the case of the pilot plant at the Laboratorio Nacional de Energía e Geología (Portugal), work is well advanced and has already achieved an energy reduction of 75 percent. Its work focuses on monitoring and modelling renewable generation power ramp rates, thus facilitating the conversion of scientific public buildings into nearly zero-energy buildings (nZEB).

Therefore, the Interreg Sudoe IMPROVEMENT project continues to move forward with these latest key developments already unveiled and the most recent developments to be discussed by the Technical and Steering Committees during the next regular meeting.

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