The IMPROVEMENT project at the XXIX Annual Seminar on Automation, Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation, SAAEI 2022

The University of Castilla La Mancha (UCLM) and the University of Cordoba (UCO) participated on July 6, 2022 in the XXIX Annual Seminar on Automation, Industrial Electronics and Instrumentation, SAEI 2022 presenting:

The "Discrete Control with Nested Regulators for the Current Injected into the Grid with a Single-Phase Inverter and an LCL Filter" where the discrete domain design of a control scheme for the current injected into the grid with a single-phase inverter is presented. The inverter is connected to the grid through an LCL filter that eliminates the switching harmonics present in the output voltage. To obtain a good dynamic response, the control scheme attenuates the resonant frequency of the LCL filter. The control is based on a scheme with two nested regulators, in which a resonant regulator is included, which allows choosing the location of the closed-loop poles of the system without using observers and measuring only the network current. Design parameters can be obtained with a simple mathematical approach involving only real operations. Both the simulation and experimental results demonstrate the good operation of the control.

The "Detection and Compensation of Current Harmonics in a Microgrid using an Active Power Filter with an IoT Sensor Network" where a method is detailed to estimate the harmonic content of the current demanded by the loads present in a microgrid (MG) by means of the use of the current injected by an active power filter (APF). The main objective is to complement the advantages of adding IoT sensors in a MG by accelerating the estimation of the amplitudes of the harmonics generated by the loads. For this, a fast method for the online calculation of the APF reference current has been developed, as well as a procedure to control its spectral content. To demonstrate the validity of the proposed approach, simulation results obtained with a model developed in Matlab/Simulink are shown. As a result, the estimation of the harmonic content is achieved in less than one cycle and its use as an early detection system is demonstrated.

Access to the full program of the day here.

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