Javier Tobajas Blanco, representing CNH2 - Centro Nacional del Hidrógeno, lead partner of the IMPROVEMENT project, participated in the European Workshop Week, organised by EPRI in Vienna, on 14th March 2023.

Within the panel "The role of multi-scale test facilities in the scale-up and validation of hydrogen components and systems" of the session "Accelerating renewable hydrogen implementation", the importance of having large scientific-technical facilities in the countries to be able to test and develop the technology and thus achieve an implementation based on green hydrogen was discussed.

The forum presented the objectives and main results of the Improvement-sudoe project, which is co-financed by the Interreg SUDOE Programme and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) and which seeks to improve energy efficiency in public buildings where quality and continuity of supply must be considered fundamental aspects (e.g. hospitals, Research Centres, Military Installations, Transport Stations), proposing their conversion to Zero Energy Balance Buildings (nZEB) through the integration of micro-grids for combined generation of cooling, heating and electricity with active neutral control and the use of hybrid systems for both electrical and thermal energy storage.


Mar 14 2023


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