Partner: LNEG

Authors: Loureiro, D.; Correia, J.; Facão, J.; Rodrigues, C.; Aelenei, L. and Estanqueiro, A. 2022.

The IMPROVEMENT SUDOE project, “Integration of combined cooling, heating and power microgrids in zero-energy public buildings under high power quality and continuity of service requirements”, is based on a partnership between Portugal, Spain and France, and aims to develop and implementation of innovative approaches in the renovation of public buildings, in line with European objectives for the construction sector and, in particular, with the measures included in the PNEC 2030. The public building selected by LNEG and IST to constitute the Pilot Area as a study of In the Portuguese case, it is located at LNEG – Lumiar campus, identified as Building C. Having been built in the 1980s, the need for its requalification was identified, adopting as an experimental strategy the integration of microgrids with renewable sources and combined generation of electricity. heat, cold and electricity, equipped with hybrid storage systems - thermal and electrical.

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